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new address.

I love this website

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So, let me tell it straight to you. This morning, coincidentally I found Pictorymag website. That is one of the cool thing I’ve ever found in the internet, might have been one of the coolest. And this one of the content example:

Setting Out to Change the World

My mother was on her own after my father died when I was 9, and brought me up the way she knew best. She taught me that kindness is the most unforgiving weapon. She taught me that I am a strong, talented, and intelligent woman. She taught me that I can do whatever I set my mind to and that no one can stop me if I use tact, knowledge, and respectful determination. Without her, I might not have had the courage to volunteer my time in places like Kiwohede, a school for trafficked children in Tanzania. One might not be able to teach passion, but she ignited mine.

For more wonderful stories, just visit Pictorymag.


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(it tells) love needed effort

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long live, Sir!

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When I was a kid, I remembered my family showed me a funny tape. It names Gold Rush. The main actor is a funny man, he was using over-sized pants and shoes. He has mustache, weird mustache (it explains  my obsession to mustache).  At that moment, the film was, yet it is still, extremely funny. Since that day, I’m in love with this man, Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin, KBE as known as Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin is a brilliant comedian. He is a step ahead for his era. He shows how is joking with yourself, not by using someone else as an object.

Today is his 122nd birthday. So, I’ll say:


Sorry, I was joking around, I know he have already passed away, but thank you so much to bring lot of laughter into this world. Thanks, Mr. Chaplin. Anyway, just take a look what Google made for you, Sir.


I know it’s pretty hard job to look for a handsome actor one.

stop slapping, you’ll only hurt yourself

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Last night, I was talking to myself, I felt so tired and bored at the same time. I got so little time to feel alive. Too many things to do, I even don’t have any time to write it at my daily planner. I force myself too hard to pursue something that I can’t see clearly though. It’s hard to believe that I already have things to do until May 2012. Damn! Today still April 2011. Essentially, I don’t even know why I’m up to all these activities. Corny, but it’s true that I experience to know how it feels to be Jim Sturgess at 21. I really want my main job back, I want my own life.

Okay, enough with complaining. Well, at least, I’ll do something fun and worth it at the same time. What was that? It is TEDx event! Yeah, I really mean TEDx, nothing wrong with your eyes! I’m joining this TEDx team as something-that-you-wouldn’t-think-I-am-according-my-blog-post. My position wouldn’t let me complain on anything, so please guys, this blog is the only where I am able to do it. Anyway, I hope this event will be huge and great. For more details just check out our twitter account.


Turquoise is a domain of blue, not green.


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If you know me well, then you’ll know my favorite band.


a good thing is forward after

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Let me be honest to you reader, recently life has been so good to me. At the  first few months of this year, I was screw, all was holy crap. But overall anything changed into something good. I learned a lot about what was happening before. One thing that I could remember barely, there is nothing such as true love. True love only lives in imagination. Some people just dramatized it most of the times.  I can be good, you can be good, and I suppose to believe we don’t need drama. Love might really exist, but please I don’t want to presume it as something I saw on cinema. Anyway, I just don’t have any strength to believe and to move along with something beyond reality.

Dear life, I’m welcoming you again, please keeps on giving some happiness.