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July 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

I met my old friends, we were talking about a girl whom he had a crush on at high school, and then he said,

“Gue bisa terima dia punya pacar, gue pun move on dan punya pacar sekarang, tapi ada yang gak bisa diterima dengan alasan kenapa gak bisa lanjut. Setiap kali ketemu dia, kita jalan bareng, gue masih ngerasa ada urusan yang belum selesai. Yang lebih gila gue rasa ini perasaan yang mutual. ”

First I thought, I was in the same boat with him, but then, I’ve got a chance to meet the girl that he was talking about, and she told me about this,

“Aneh sih setelah waktu-waktu yang menyenangkan bareng dia, meskipun sekarang gue udah punya orang lain, rasanya masih ada sesuatu yang gak bisa diselesaikan. Rasanya dia juga ngerasain hal yang sama, tapi keadaannya gak mungkin. “

After that I keep it all along, because I don’t have any right to tell them. But, what if they never had a chance to know about that? I believe, their life will go on, but don’t you think it’s a kind of pathetic?



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i’m signing off for a while, dear world!

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