a good thing is forward after

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Let me be honest to you reader, recently life has been so good to me. At the  first few months of this year, I was screw, all was holy crap. But overall anything changed into something good. I learned a lot about what was happening before. One thing that I could remember barely, there is nothing such as true love. True love only lives in imagination. Some people just dramatized it most of the times.  I can be good, you can be good, and I suppose to believe we don’t need drama. Love might really exist, but please I don’t want to presume it as something I saw on cinema. Anyway, I just don’t have any strength to believe and to move along with something beyond reality.

Dear life, I’m welcoming you again, please keeps on giving some happiness.


club8 – whatever you want

March 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

am I ok here?
I think you ought to know this
another day
not unlike any other
it’s been like this so long 

are you ok dear?
I know I should have noticed
a quiet day
not unlike any other
it’s been like this so long

whatever you want from me
whoever I try to be

I will never be there
I can never be her
in your society

am I ok dear?
I think you want to know this
duties I leave
not to take on another

and if I don’t fall this night
I will have to go along
unless something strange will happen

there’s still something to be done
this story will go on for long

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa speechless

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kerjaan bos dan partner kerja.

I’ve been waiting for this since a long long time ago.

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Murakami’s Norwegian Wood movie trailer.



Kenichi aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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