stop slapping, you’ll only hurt yourself

April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last night, I was talking to myself, I felt so tired and bored at the same time. I got so little time to feel alive. Too many things to do, I even don’t have any time to write it at my daily planner. I force myself too hard to pursue something that I can’t see clearly though. It’s hard to believe that I already have things to do until May 2012. Damn! Today still April 2011. Essentially, I don’t even know why I’m up to all these activities. Corny, but it’s true that I experience to know how it feels to be Jim Sturgess at 21. I really want my main job back, I want my own life.

Okay, enough with complaining. Well, at least, I’ll do something fun and worth it at the same time. What was that? It is TEDx event! Yeah, I really mean TEDx, nothing wrong with your eyes! I’m joining this TEDx team as something-that-you-wouldn’t-think-I-am-according-my-blog-post. My position wouldn’t let me complain on anything, so please guys, this blog is the only where I am able to do it. Anyway, I hope this event will be huge and great. For more details just check out our twitter account.


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