unfollowing you, yeah you!

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

A few months ago I found my followers on twitter has been descrased. I didn’t worry about it, because I thought, it was something that was necessary to think for. Every people has their own right to follow or unfollow someone on twitter.  that’s why, I don’t even care when I got less follower.  I only follow people that I know, inspirational people, and mostly collegeaus.

Today, I found that someone at home has blocked the internet access to twitter. So, I need to use the other web 2.0 based application to sign in to the twitter. While I was checking the twitter based application web, I found friendorfollow.com.  Speaking of curiousity of wanted to use it, count me in. So, I used it, then the result really suprised me. Actually when I looked to my twitter timeline, I’ve been bored with some tweet by specific friends from college. They were tweeting about complaining, where they were at, or saying thank you for some people but nothing seems important about their tweet. Then, I found they were unfollowing me, gotcha! Okay, I didn’t get angry, I just got a little suprised, remembering how most of them still ask me for any kind of help, but they also take me as unimportant friend by unfollowing my twitter. So, what I was only unfollowing them, I didn’t really give a damned about what they do to me.

Moral of the story, are you sure people that you’ve been unfollowed are following you? Ask yourself then.


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