more than Tely does

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

It was cloudy afternoon, I saw the good friend of mine, Tely sat on the bench. His face told me he was feeling blue. Suddenly he told me to sit beside him and to hug him, so I did. Tely is a good friend with dominantly good attitude, he is a kind of a man who will do some concrete things rather than to think a lot and end up with doing nothing. In short, I felt depth empathy toward a friend.

Lately, I found my self in lack of fun. I feel blue all the time, faking some laughter, and mostly being alone. Too bad, I’m that sad. People did some mistakes to me, they were saying sorry. They apologized to me, ask some forgiveness. I don’t what should I do. Because I don’t want them to apologize, I only want them to do one thing. I want them to undo their mistakes.

I think I need someone to hug me; I need a hug, more than Tely does.



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