What do you want for your 20th birthday, Gis?

May 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

I want to wake up at 5 a.m. in the morning, go to the bathroom, I’ll wash my face. Going back to sit in bed, check up my cell phone, reply some texts. Clean up my bed room, read the exam material. At 7.11 a.m., I’ll take a bath, then go to see myself naked in the mirror, just to get worried if I get fatter than before. After that I put the same outfit that I used to wear. Make a ponytail, use my Benetton Paradise, and don’t forget to tight up my shoelaces. I’ll go to campus with some box of cup cakes to share. Buy a bottle of mineral water and a newspaper. Come to class, opening the bottle and my cup cakes’ box, having a little breakfast. Share it to my friends, shaking hands when they are starting congratulate me. My lectures come in to class, while I’ll be working on my exam. Done with my exam, I’ll give some cupcakes to my lecture. Going out to the canteen, I’ll give my friends some cup cakes. Having them congratulate me. I’ll be sitting alone in one side of the canteen.
In this moment I’ll try not to cry, hiding my tears while reading the newspaper. Hoping someone will carry me away to planetarium, museum, park, lake, or anywhere. Hoping someone will talk to me, talk about nothing but heartless mind. I wish I could something frontal and compulsive. At least both of those won’t kill me.
Happiness is not about birthday surprise, money check, expensive presents, or valuable material. Happiness is a moment in me.
While in the real life, I’ll go home and take a nap. If my happiness won’t happen, just let me dream about it.


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