famous agenda

March 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

By writing this post I was remembering about my friend’s thesis, it’s about how-to-get-famous formula. He said there one easy way to get famous, write about someone that has a close connection to you and don’t forget to let some of your friends know it. Show how much you respect him/her or at least write down in appropriate way.  Just like how Lennon used to write down about Ono, just like Sartre let de Bevouir be his radical mind’s inspiration, or as simple as Roo (one of the Winnie The Pooh character) describes her mom.

Anyway, I’m not a capable person to do this kind of thing.  Then, if you read some of my posts are. Trust me it such coincidentally happening. I wasn’t allowed it to happen.  In this case, I am an exception to the rule, because I don’t think it’s comfortable to let people know what you think and what you feel about someone. But I’m not the one who will delete any post in my blog.

Well done and goodnight.


§ One Response to famous agenda

  • Steve says:

    I think your friend was right. Empowering other people with your own thoughts and feelings may be uncomfortable for you, but they are the glue that brings us all together as the Family of Man. Share, share, share! There’s nothing but love in the universe, and to keep it hidden from those around you is not a good thing.

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