The Last and The Next

December 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

I can’t believe that I’ve been trough one of the greatest (and the hardest) years of my life. Eehhmm. It’s almost the end of my adolescence. What  can I say? Time was ticking faster than I have ever thought.

Woah! That’s all about last year.  As people come and people go, there is one memorable thing about last year. You will be surprised by how fast your feeling could change easily. It‘s as simple saying abracadabra, at  first you will adore it, but you when you spell it twice it will turn into hate. Last year you might be hoping to sit next to someone you like, so you will have chance to talk with. But everything can happen in a year. So in the very next year, you may be hoping never see that person anymore in your life.
For 2010 I have no resolution anymore, I don’t believe at new year anymore, I’ll let my life float on. I’ll do people common habit. I won’t tell what’s inside my heart as I did in 2009. Because some people were succeeded to make me feel so insecure by being sincere to them. I’ll tell people what I don’t like from them, how they raise their voice, how they use me to do some favors, how they lie to me all the time, and so on. Who the hell they think they are?
Okay I think enough about the monologue. Let’s move on to a new day and let the bad things left behind, just like wise man says, “only good things remind at photo album “.
Goodbye 2009 and Welcome 2010,  have a good day in your life, dear reader!
Today’s downloadable mood (via 4shared):

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