monologue #28: You Won’t Find Me Even If You’ll Try to Use GPS

July 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

I saw one of my collegians’ facebook status, she put hyperballad lyric by BjËrk . That song means something special for me.

I still remember once upon a time I watched Mocca’s show.  My friend brought me to near of the place where the band played. He told me to wait because he has something do. I didn’t know what he did when he wasn’t around. It was pretty long time; I was so bored and couldn’t stand wait to wait for him anymore.  Suddenly he came without saying anything but, “C’mon Gisca!” Okay,I was little bit contempt according what he did to me actually, but then we saw Mocca show and after they played some songs, the vocalist, Arina was looking at me. Suddenly she said something like this, “Okay, lagu selanjutnya buat seseorang dari seseorang. Kamu boleh request yang pake cardigan ijo!” It’s me! Everybody it’s me! I was really surprised. Then, my friend looked me and said, “Sorry, tadi daku lamanya ke Arina dulu, kawan.” I couldn’t do anything except smiling (and blushing).  Suddenly I wanted to hear Hyperballad by Mocca from the cover version of Bjork.

“He is my dearest pal, He always catch me when I fall, He always there when I call.”


Just like that song what he means to me.  But it makes me sad to remember him, because I haven’t met him for a year, he is very busy now. I miss you, dearest pal.  😦

It’s really hard to keep in touch with him, maybe one day I won’t find him anymore, even if I’ll try to use GPS.

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