monologue #25: jolly, alice, and the hatter.

July 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Jolly is a fictional character that I’ve made when I was in high school. I wrote a post about Jolly in my multiply, but for now my multiply in maintance, so that I can’t put the link on this post. Jolly is a girl that has been kidnapped by the pirate. I got that name and the inspiration of her story by read Boston Tea Party’s history. Mikael Johani, one of Indonesian finest writer, ever wrote a poem about it (about Jolly and Boston tea party, not Jolly on my version), no longer after I wrote my poem about Jolly. So, I got an idea to create a fictional character.

Then, I read the a biography of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, famous for his pen name Lewis Carroll, the maker of Alice in The Wonderland. Sometimes, I forgot about him. For several times, I couldn’t make any difference between him and Hans Christian Andersen. Why? Because their quite same background, they raised with psychological disorder (Carroll with his paedophilia and temporal lobe damage and Andersen with his autism). So for a few friends, I’m so sorry for telling you to the misleading info, if I have ever told you so.

Okay, enough about Alice’s writer intermezzo. If you  have ever read Alice Adventure in Wonderland,  do you remember the Mad Hatter? The one who likely to say, “”Why is a raven like a writing desk?” or to sing twinkle twinke little star on his own weirdo version. What’s happening is  Tim Burton on a production to make a movie about him, starring Jhonny Depp.  As A Mad Hatter. I knew it after I checked my facebook and I found a lot of my friends have changed their primary pictures with this one,

Jhonny Depp as Mad Hatter

I was googling around, then I found that it’s all about the Mad Hatter. Then, I knew one thing, that Mad Hatter was inspired by one Tea Party that Carroll has ever been attended to. So, I guess tea has some power to make somebody hallucinated then.


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